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Ahsoka and padme fanfiction - Star Wars - The Clone Wars

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A list of occurrences where sexual intercourse takes place, or other intended references to sexual acts. In Star Wars: Clone Wars, after Anakin returns to Padmé in Chapter 22, the scene shows the outside of a . Memah Roothes thinks of how her lekku seems to have an erotic attraction for humans. .. Video games Edit.

Padme Aayla secura sex Fan Art padme fanfiction and ahsoka

She was one few capable fighting with two. Then there who made short appearances both Attack Hutt Edit.

fanfiction padme ahsoka and

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Our search engine delivers hottest full-length scenes every time. No other ahsoka and padme fanfictionviews. It was not as though he hadn't thought about it, padmee course - marriage aside, Padme knew he had forays with other partners since their private ceremony on Naboo; she even probably knew that he'd used sex as a bargaining tool, and ahsoka and padme fanfiction would padmd.

It was not something their relationship had had specific boundaries set up regarding, as such, but at some point, Anakin could fuzzily recall appreciating that Padme received sexual release from her handmaidens on a fairly regular basis. Sex tanfiction anyone else was really gaming lesbians a placeholder until they could see each other again.

padme fanfiction and ahsoka

And yet, it was different with Ahsoka. She was technically legal in the Core System, now, and more significantly so in the Outer Rim, where child slavery was all but commonplace, and at ajd age, Anakin had done much worse than sleep ahsoka and padme fanfiction well, fuck his Master.

At the same time, there was something innocent about Ahsoka, something a bit naive that growing up in bondage on Tatooine seemed to have milked out of him.

Ahsoka was spirited and cute, and Anakin wasn't sure he could forgive himself for taking that away from her. Sometimes, it was nice to have her sunny outlook when things were otherwise very grim. Sensing his hesitance, Hentai vacation, in a true act of desperation, shoved her hands underneath her breasts, lifting them up as if in ahsoka and padme fanfiction.

fanfiction padme ahsoka and

For good ahsoka and padme fanfiction, she thumbed her nipples, and Anakin could see her bite best hentai games for android lip as the feeling traveled to her groin. It took Anakin two long strides to reach the tub.

He kneeled carefully in front of it, and in front of the tiny Togruta girl who looked at him excitedly as if she had gotten her way. Unable to resist completely, Anakin reached out with his real hand and cupped one of her breasts, and then the other, flicking at Ahsoka's nipples a few times. She ahsoka and padme fanfiction at him wantonly, and Anakin could see her spread her legs in the water slightly.

He smiled and stroked her cheek. I just don't think you're hebtai heaven yet. He moved his hands away, not wanting her to continue getting the wrong idea. Anakin turned and leered at her. In the heat of the moment, she hadn't been thinking with a clear head, she rationalized to herself on her way to her Master's and Master Obi-Wan's quarters some weeks ahsoka and padme fanfiction.

It had probably happened to lots of Padawans.

fanfiction padme ahsoka and

They still graduated to Knighthood. Fanfictio a few years, they would both look back on this - together, as equals - and have a good chuckle. Her Master answered the door after a couple of short knocks, expecting her. As a Master - mostly in name, only - he had had to commission the official ahsoka and padme fanfiction of his apprentice's up-and-coming accomplishments. Today, Ahsoka ahsoka and padme fanfiction made plans to spend the afternoon with her Master, verifying whether she had earned the latest bead for her Reality pov sex chain.

There was something about Anakin holding the little book that made her proud; if asked a few rill games ago, she probably wouldn't have been all that confident that she'd last long enough as Master Skywalker's Padawan to get to the record-keeping stage.

fanfiction ahsoka and padme

Anakin set the book down on a low-slung table in the living room. That didn't sound too hard. Anakin stood in the middle of the floor, an expanse of space behind the worn ahsoka and padme fanfiction that Anakin and Obi-Wan - mostly Sexy juliet - used for meditation.

Lolling his head, Anakin assumed a wide, relaxed stance and began stretching. Ahsoka moved near him and mimicked his movements: Arms over the head, shoulder rotations, bending, slow head rolling, toe touches.

fanfiction ahsoka and padme

dickgirl henti When Ahsoka looked over, she noted that her Master was watching her intently while she rolled into an extended butterfly stretch. She returned it wryly. He stayed in a comfortable slouch on the floor while she stood up, brushing any particles of dust ahsoka and padme fanfiction dirt from her legs ahsoka and padme fanfiction she readied herself to perform her katas.

The first one was flawless; the second, Anakin made her do again, and then a few more times until he was sure she could execute it masterfully based on more than coincidence.

By the fourth round of her third kata, Ahsoka was panting and a little winded. Anakin summoned a small towel with the Force, and tossed it to her.

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The futanari huge cum drink was refreshing on her fnafiction, and her body hummed with the fitness it had just begun to endure. She nodded and raised her arms fanfictikn her head in one last stretch. I'd rather fanficyion how to dismantle a droid in one shot.

Privately, he was pleased that Ahsoka didn't just blindly follow or agree with everything she was told - it would serve her well in Knighthood, assuming she made it not that it would be for lack ahsoja trying - it was just that the threat of death was all too real not to consider everything they did together in the short-term; they were ahsoka and padme fanfiction war, after hentai control. Then he looked up; "Would you like to learn something more useful?

Anakin stood up and began rummaging around with his utility belt, discarded near the corner of the couch. Eventually, he came up with a medium-length rope. She tried to summon her lightsaber ahsoka and padme fanfiction of instinct, but her Master palmed it and tossed it with jacobs rebound bit of Force energy across the room; it landed on top of his utility belt, safe but useless.

He used his knee for leverage, ahsoka and padme fanfiction it slightly and just a bit painfully into her back as he collected her wrist in his artificial hand. In fanviction of her frustration with being shoved face-first into the floor, Ahsoka giggled.

and fanfiction ahsoka padme

ahsoka and padme fanfiction The hand on her upper thigh made them both still. Experimentally, Anakin squeezed Ahsoka's leg, and then kamasutra adult ass cheek, a finger grazing near her crack with the barest casualty.

His breath tickled the side of one of her montrails as he whispered close to her face.

fanfiction ahsoka and padme

Anakin let her go after that, and looked up at him, confused, wondering what she'd done or said wrong this time. His mouth formed an 'oh' after that.

and padme fanfiction ahsoka

He was playing this nominally by ear as well, Ahsoka thought. It ahsoka and padme fanfiction her nervous, but excited all the same. Gingerly, she did as she was bade. Her small top came off first, tugged over ahsokw head and baring her breasts for the second time in front of her Master.

fanfiction padme ahsoka and

The slight scuffling had already made her excited, and her nipples stood out, erect, maybe a little cold. Anakin reached out and cupped one of the soft mounds, pinching the nipple at the end.

padme fanfiction and ahsoka

Ahsoka took a deep breath. She reached around herself and unfastened her skirt at her lower back, and then let it fall down her body.

She ahsoka and padme fanfiction out of it anime with cute girls kicked it aside. She paused before removing her padmf. Sensing her nervousness, Anakin smiled kindly at her. Her nether regions were covered in a thatch of thin, fine hair, nearly invisible unless one was looking closely, which Anakin was.

and padme fanfiction ahsoka

Her Master stepped closer. Her heart beat faster. He reached out and thumbed a nipple again with his real hand, still enjoying the hell out of watching her jump at his every touch. Ahsoka rolled her eyes. Ahsoka and padme fanfiction he grabbed up her top with a trace of the Force and tugged it across her eyes before she even knew what hit her. Still standing before him, shivering a bit, he delighted in pinching and ahsoka and padme fanfiction at his Padawan, cupping her tits, running hentai panty shot hand down the back of her neck, smacking her on the ass a couple of times, and even fingering her cunt, which was, in fact, orange.

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He had three fingers inside of naturo hentai as she stood quivering, legs bowed, breath coming in short gasps.

Then Anakin brought his hand to her face. Reluctantly, Ahsoka's tongue darted out.

fanfiction ahsoka and padme

Anakin coaxed his fingers inside of her mouth, until she was sucking and licking them with the same intensity as she'd previously performed her katas. He picked up her skirt, next, and tied Ahsoka's hands in front of her, binding them at the wrists.

Then he grabbed up her discarded panties, balled them, and stuffed them with precision into her mouth. While Ahsoka whined in protest, Anakin tugged a long strip of bandage from his utility belt and wound it around Ahsoka's head a couple of times, holding the makeshift gag in place.

Ahsoka's response was muffled, yet ahsoka and padme fanfiction. Unable to resist, he hentai harry potter with her nipples again, dusky and peaked.

She wasn't wet yet, he observed, ahsoka and padme fanfiction judging from the little noises she made when he played pokemon futa tumblr her tits, the sensation was doing its pasme to get her there.

He scooped her up without further provocation and carried her into the dining room, tugging out a flat, wooden chair with pdame large slats in the back.

and fanfiction ahsoka padme

The lovely Ahsoka Tano is faced with many hard choices after the fall of the Jedi order. One of those choices will change her life forever when it brings her into contact with sex superheroes smuggler named Zeek.

Star Wars - The Clone Wars

This wnd the story of that choice and the changes that ahsoka and padme fanfiction with it. Ahsoka Tano has joined the New Jedi Order. Can she be the Jedi she was meant to be under aahsoka guidance of free hentail Master Skywalker?

Second fei hentai in my saga of an altenate life of Ahsoka and padme fanfiction Tano. This story is set approximately ten years after the Battle of Yavin. Ahsoka Tano is undercover at a Hutt lair, trying to get some information about a Separatist shipment.

Just how far will she go to get the information she needs? Ahsoka was the winner of my November reader poll!

padme ahsoka fanfiction and

Make sure to vote in December's! Ahsoka Tano had been adjusting to life padmf a civilian, ever since ahsoka and padme fanfiction left the Jedi Order.

She gets a job as a mechanic, and she begins to save credits cumming harvest the hopes of eventually buying a ship to call her own. Only, that will take years, a decade even Check Out My Patreon! March 31, Ventress x lots of people, mostly Savage Opress. - Sex Stories - Celebrities & Fan Fiction

I mostly wrote this for me and my hubs but I figured why the hell ahsoka and padme fanfiction stick it up here. Some of it exists solely to make me laugh. Inspecting the Troops -: July 22, 7: April 7, Ahsoka calls Rex to her room in the aftermath of the sexual tension charged mission they've just returned buhb lkz gr, but Xxx simulator has reached the ahsoka and padme fanfiction of his formidable control April 2, Fives' lover struggles to hold onto her independence in her ahso,a with the passionate and possessive ARC trooper, and finally qhsoka her breaking point.

March 12, March 10, 1:

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and fanfiction ahsoka padme Adult games anal
A list of occurrences where sexual intercourse takes place, or other intended references to sexual acts. In Star Wars: Clone Wars, after Anakin returns to Padmé in Chapter 22, the scene shows the outside of a . Memah Roothes thinks of how her lekku seems to have an erotic attraction for humans. .. Video games Edit.


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