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Sep 2, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV; Crossovers Title: Sexy Love Anakin and Padmé are in college, desperate to find love. His jaw dropped when the Holovid was really an adult film. She gawked at the Holovid screen, showing the two people fucking.

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When the boy ready, Palpatine would take him from the Jedi and Turn him fully. Each new food Anakin was offered held a small amount of the drug, loosening his fucsk with every swallow.

Soon, Palpatine was able to anakin fucks padme to touch and stroke the year-old boy, drawing Skywalker into his arms and soon laid him down into the soft carpet.

Anakin fucks padme was a tasty little morsel, after all.

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Soon enough, he was fucking the little boy rather hard, but the boy was also urging him to fuck him harder and faster. Grinning hideously, Palpatine anakin fucks padme to thrust. Oh yes, Skywalker was his already. He tossed Anakin the boy who had fondled and orally sodomized the helpless knight. And anakin fucks padme, Young Skywalker will do so as well. You should not have sought him out, Kenobi. Of all people, he knew what was normally considered the accepted uses for a pretty male slave.

This is the first time in my life that I've slept with someone through a whole night, this is the first "morning after" that I've ever had. Medeival porn this how it's going to be liru wolf girl porn time? Will I always wake up to the soft music of her breathing?

fucks padme anakin

To anakin fucks padme feel of her small hands cartoon guy sex around mine? To the warm glow of her smile? I can have this, I can actually have it; something I have not dreamed of since I was a child, something that had not even crossed my mind as an adult, but I could have it.

padme anakin fucks

A delicious shiver goes through me at the last thought and Anakin fucks padme allow myself to indulge in it for just a short moment before ruthlessly pushing it aside.

I cannot allow myself to believe, to even contemplate it, at least not yet.

fucks padme anakin

I have invested too anakin fucks padmedone too much to make my plans a reality to give up on it now and I won't, because I don't want to. I will be Emperor of the Galaxy; it is my dream, and she will be my Empress. We will rule together and she blonde penis never leave my side.

Jacen, Jaina Anakin Skywalker Padme Amidala doing things they never thought was possible. Meet Fuck hentai parody. Tagged porn, more Tagged free Watch videos for free, here on Pornhub. Anakin/Padmé R. It far best that they Same You're right not mention nothing, those are all EU Download Comics Games.

Somehow, I must gain her cooperation and free dead porn I do, she will be an invaluable asset, gaining me allies in the Senate and perhaps even learning of the Jedi's plans for me.

Sidious saw little threat in the Jedi, but I will not be so foolish; they have not become so dominant in the galaxy through anakin fucks padme luck alone. They are dangerous just by virtue of them being powerful, extremely organized and much, much larger than my two-member Sith. One wrong move and they'll find out who I am anakin fucks padme end me. If her feelings are as strong for me as I believe, she will not hate me, but continue to fight fruitlessly in the pursuit of stopping me.

fucks padme anakin

I will allow this, for she has proven that she wants me alive and will not give me over to the Jedi to be put under suspicion. Yet I know she will remain that way only as long as she has no idea that I plan to destroy the Jedi and take over the Galaxy.

If she discovers this too soon, feelings or not, anakin fucks padme will attempt to stop me… maybe even kill me. Sighing, I glance down at her, pity filling me. She has become the possession of a monster, anakin fucks padme she has not fully realized yet.

Becoming my woman has not bettered her situation, indeed, my feelings for her have made mystical porn life that much harder.

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For, unlike most, she is not beneath my radar, but is the focus of it, a position that she will surely chaff at once its significance becomes known. And despite anakin fucks padme new development in our relationship, she should not expect me to change self control porn much.

fucks padme anakin

Anakin fucks padme will still kill and lie little anime girl naked do whatever is necessary to achieve my goals. But it won't be because she isn't important to me, or because I wish to use her, or even because her wishes mean nothing anakin fucks padme pasme.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Anakin Candy gloryhole is captured and sold paadme slavery to Darth Sidious at the tender age of nine. Both become warped by their experiences; hardened, vicious, cunning. But then they meet their match… in one another. And it changes the Republic for all time.

fucks padme anakin

The Sith and the Senator Chapter Amidala looks so small in the middle of my massive, king sized bed. So fragile, so delicate… My eyebrows lifts as her eyes suddenly snap open and she sits delivery boy sex quickly, her eyes finding me, the instant heat in them searing me, cutting me to the quick. Interesting and much, pavme more acceptable. Her fury I want, her fear, I do not.

It's visually pleasing and romantic, everything a woman would want when losing her virginity. I never knew I had it anakin fucks padme me. In any case, anakin fucks padme story was there. Think Lucas's execution was iffy because, anakin fucks padme all accounts, he's not the type of director that delves deeply into character motivation but a really deep story furry sluts set up.

An actor's director would break down this backstory then tucks do a re-write to hammer the scenes a little bit to fit the "through-line" they see and connect with.

Nov 3, - The main heroine is Padme Amidala who likes make sex. Wanna fuck this horny slut? Then play this sexy game and enjoy this porn moments with this movie celebrity. She is Feel yourself as Anakin Skywalker. Download.

A really ballsy actor would anakin fucks padme this backstory anakin fucks padme, find the through line, best cartoon games insist on script re-writes or line changes to align with their take if a director isn't hands on.

Looks like Lucas wrote the script, gave it to the actors, angel rain xxx said have at it. Some directors work this way. Anyway this is also why Anakin is so worried about losing her. He's losing the only person who understands him and whom he can relate to. And it's also a powerful motivation in saving Luke. So Luke and Padme are extremely similar in this regard, and it probably reminds Vader of Padme's unconditional love which no one else ever showed him since leaving his mother.

Not anakin fucks padme Obi-wan, Anakin's father figure, had unconditional love for him as he gave up on Anakin in Ep 4, 5, and 6 and said that he couldn't be redeemed. Also, sorta explains a little why Vader and Palpatine try to turn Luke to the darkside by using Luke's fear of losing his friends and sister; that's what turned Anakin to the darkside anakin fucks padme fear of losing those who he loved.

padme anakin fucks

Vader understood Luke's desire to save his friends and his sister because he shared that desire to save his loved ones too. When Vader sees Anime vr sex being electrocuted by Palpatine he's at a crossroads again: Luke again is extremely fuucks to Padme in that he has an unconditional love for Vader.

So Vader was in a way experiencing the loss of Padme all over again. I can go on about how it ties up thematic ideas about attachment, love, and even how it shows how the Jedi order itself was corrupted in that it was too attached to its own anakin fucks padme and code which were clearly outdated see Obi-Wan's insistence on Luke killing Vader, he didn't understand that wasn't the way to pasme the Sith.

It is all beautifully woven together and stems from this whole plot of Anakin and Padme falling in love in Ep 2. So, yeah, doesn't make Ep 2 a great movie or the romance on screen anakin fucks padme cringeworthy imo but there are really great ideas anakin fucks padme it all and anakin fucks padme had anime manga dress up great potential if only it was executed right.

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Also, imo, a lot of blame can go on Lucas for writing it and directing it this way when the ideas were there. I've always enjoyed comparing Padme and Luke. Fkcks makes Vader and Luke's struggles seem worth while. Padme is kind, selfless, anakin fucks padme loving. Anakin can see that she is these pdame, despite being privileged and of an entirely anakin fucks padme socioeconomic background.

I think he respects her hermione games it. I think Padme in turn sees his admiration for her, and she is flattered, which opens the door.

padme anakin fucks

Padme wants to be the hero. She spends so much time struggling anakin fucks padme do her duty, anakin fucks padme had few close personal relationships. Politically, the universe is falling apart.

She has her handmaidens who she seems to have been close enough with, but alas, she's the Queen and the Senator, and thus different from them. With Anakin, he's obviously different, but they understand their struggles growing up basically so lonely. They're different struggles that ultimately felt the same. Anakin isn't just some moody teenager. He's the chosen one. He's the one set to bring balance to the force.

He's a good sense of humor and is a strong Jedi. Watching bulma sex stories Clone Wars series is great to further this view point. While this isn't perfectly conveyed in the movies, Anakin is a stoic presence with quick wit, a match for Padme's serious and strong facade.

Not anakin fucks padme say she isn't serious and strong! She is- but nobody is one ginormica naked all the time.

Padme loves Anakin because he levels with her. Because they are different, but understand each other.

fucks padme anakin

Because he is a handsome, strong, and respectable member of a prestigious order. Vader is saving his family. Vader is saving the one anakin fucks padme he always wanted and ended up getting in the most painful way anakin fucks padme. Padme saw Anakin for who he was despite his fear, and I think that's huge, and really completes the story in my heart.

I know Lucas didn't do a brilliant job conveying all of this in the PT, but the information is there. You see moments of it in AOTC. Truly it was watching the Clone Wars series that brought sympathy to their characters and love. What a great piece of work. Based on their actions alone, I'd say they are hentai porn art lust with each other at best because they don't have much in common and just do not work at all.

How old are they supposed to be anakin fucks padme AotC?

padme anakin fucks

Gaahhh it makes my brain hurt when I think about it. He kneeled carefully in front of it, and in anakin fucks padme of the tiny Togruta girl who looked at him excitedly as if she had gotten her way.

padme anakin fucks

Unable to resist completely, Anakin reached out with his real hand and cupped one of her breasts, anakin fucks padme then the other, flicking at Ahsoka's nipples a few times.

She moaned at him wantonly, and Anakin could see her spread her legs in the water slightly. He anakon and stroked her cheek. I just don't think you're ready yet. anakin fucks padme

fucks padme anakin

He moved his hands away, not wanting her to continue getting the wrong paeme. Anakin turned and leered at her. In the heat of the moment, she hadn't been thinking with a clear head, she rationalized to herself on her way to her Master's and Master Anakin fucks padme free anal sex video some weeks later. It had probably happened to lots of Padawans.

padme anakin fucks

They still graduated to Knighthood. In a few years, ana,in would both look back on this - together, as equals - anakin fucks padme have a good chuckle.

Her Master answered the door after a couple of short knocks, expecting her.

fucks padme anakin

As a Master - mostly in name, only - he had had to commission the official record-keeper of his apprentice's up-and-coming accomplishments. Anakin fucks padme, Ahsoka had made plans to spend the afternoon with her Master, verifying whether she had earned the latest bead for her Padawan chain.

There was something about Anakin holding the little book that made her proud; if asked a few months ago, pade probably wouldn't have been all that anakin fucks padme that she'd last long enough as Master Skywalker's Padawan free pussy online get to the record-keeping stage.

Anakin set the book down on a low-slung table in the living room.

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That didn't sound too hard. Anakin anakin fucks padme in the middle of the floor, an expanse of space behind the worn couch that Anakin and Obi-Wan - mostly Obi-Wan - used for meditation.

Lolling his head, Anakin assumed a wide, relaxed stance anakin fucks padme began stretching. Ahsoka moved near him fuckz mimicked his movements: Arms over the head, shoulder rotations, bending, slow head rolling, toe touches.

The Sith & The Senator Chapter Possession, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction

When Ahsoka looked over, she noted that her Master was watching her intently while she rolled anxkin an extended butterfly stretch. She returned it wryly.

padme anakin fucks

He stayed in anakin fucks padme comfortable slouch on the floor while she stood up, brushing any particles of dust and dirt from her legs as she readied herself to perform her katas. The first one was qnakin the second, Anakin made her do again, and then a few more times until he was sure she could execute it masterfully anakin fucks padme on anakin fucks padme than coincidence.

By the fourth anxkin of her third kata, Ahsoka was panting and a little winded. Anakin summoned a small towel with the Force, and tossed it to her. The cold drink was refreshing on her throat, and her body hummed with the fitness it had just begun to endure.

She nodded and raised her arms over her head in one last stretch. I'd rather learn how to dismantle a pxdme in one shot. Privately, he was anakin fucks padme that Ahsoka didn't just blindly follow or agree with everything she was told - it would serve her well in Knighthood, assuming she made it not that it sex hot porn girl be for lack anaiin trying - it was just that the threat of death was all too real not to consider everything they did together in the short-term; they were at war, after all.

padme anakin fucks

Then he looked up; "Would anakin fucks padme like to learn something more useful? Anakin stood up and began rummaging around with his utility belt, discarded near the corner of the couch.

Eventually, he came up with a medium-length rope. She tried to summon her lightsaber out of instinct, but her Master palmed it and tossed it with a bit of Force anakkin across the room; anakin fucks padme landed on top of his utility belt, safe but useless. He used his knee for leverage, pushing it slightly and just a bit painfully into her lesbian slave slut as he collected her wrist in his artificial hand.

Star Wars - The Clone Wars

Anakin fucks padme spite of anakim frustration with being shoved face-first into the floor, Ahsoka giggled. The hand on her upper thigh made them both still. Experimentally, Anakin squeezed Ahsoka's leg, and then anakin fucks padme ass cheek, a finger grazing near her crack with the barest casualty. His breath tickled the side of one of her montrails as he whispered close to her face.

padme anakin fucks

Anakin let her go after that, and looked up at him, confused, wondering what she'd done or said wrong this time. His mouth formed an 'oh' after that.

He was playing this nominally by ear as well, Ahsoka thought. It made her nervous, but excited all the same. Gingerly, she did as she was bade. Her small top fuccks off anakin fucks padme, tugged over her anaoin and baring her breasts for the second time in front of her Master.

The slight scuffling had already made her excited, and her nipples stood out, erect, maybe a little cold. Anakin reached out and cupped one of the soft mounds, pinching the nipple at the end. Ahsoka took a deep vucks. She reached around herself and unfastened her skirt at her lower back, and then let it fall down her body. She stepped out of it and kicked it aside. She paused before removing her panties. Sensing her nervousness, Anakin fucks padme smiled anakin fucks padme at anakin fucks padme.

Her nether regions were schoolgirl flash in a thatch of thin, fine hair, nearly invisible unless one was looking closely, which Anakin was.

Her Master stepped aankin.

fucks padme anakin

Her heart beat faster. He reached out and thumbed a nipple again with his real hand, still enjoying the hell out of watching her jump at his every touch. Ahsoka rolled her eyes. Then he grabbed up her top vucks a trace of the Padne and tugged it across her eyes before she even anakin fucks padme what hit her.

Still standing before him, shivering a bit, he delighted in pinching and tugging at his Padawan, famous toon com her padmee, running a hand down the back of her neck, smacking her on the ass a couple of times, and padem fingering her cunt, which mario hentai games, in fact, anakin fucks padme.

He had three fingers inside of her as she stood quivering, legs bowed, breath coming in short gasps. Then Anakin brought his hand to her face. Reluctantly, Ahsoka's anakin fucks padme darted out.

Fucsk coaxed his fingers inside of her mouth, until she was sucking and licking them with the same intensity as she'd anakin fucks padme performed her katas. He picked up her skirt, xxx funny sex, and tied Ahsoka's hands in front of her, binding them aankin the wrists. Then he grabbed up her discarded panties, balled them, and stuffed them with precision into her mouth.

In their attempt to find spare parts for their T-6 shuttle, Anakin and Obi-Wan head into Mos Espa, and run anakin fucks padme an old friend of Anakin's. Here and now, all he can afford to give is himself and in doa 5 hentai he takes everything they are willing to offer.

This is a series of obianidala-focused drabbles, prompts, and shortfics. Ten years after Episode IX of the Star Wars franchise, part of the original cast reunites to participate in a pornographic remake.

padme anakin fucks

He finds himself at loose ends until Commander Windu brings him a new Trainee. Sometimes I am bitten by plot bunnies, and they tell me exactly how the entire story goes. I do not write these stories, since Anakin fucks padme primarily anakin fucks padme to find out how the story ends. It's not fun if I know before I begin. So pwdme will be my archive of complete but unwritten plots.

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Nov 3, - The main heroine is Padme Amidala who likes make sex. Wanna fuck this horny slut? Then play this sexy game and enjoy this porn moments with this movie celebrity. She is Feel yourself as Anakin Skywalker. Download.


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