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Sexiest hollywood movie list - Top 10 Adult Hollywood Movies Of All Time That Are Oh So Sensual

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Feb 21, - Valentine's Day may be over but you can keep the mood alive with this Top Ten list of Hollywood's most sensual films!

Films With Lots of Sex Scenes

She does just that by working in a brothel and simultaneously being an afternoon to night prostitute.

movie list hollywood sexiest

Will she stay faithful to her husband and to the marriage that ties them? Based on a sexy romance novel by Pascal Bruckner, the movie revolves around British couple Fiona and Nigel Sexiest hollywood movie list who are on a voyage to Istanbul.

The relationship was incorporated into the struggles of training for the games. The film explored risqué themes of sexual dominance and shows some fairly kinky It also opened up audiences to the idea of high profile erotic films like Basic . While most of the films on this list lean dramatic, Bridesmaids used comedy in a.

While on the cruise, writer Oscar tells Nigel every detail of the sexiedt relationship he had sexiest hollywood movie list a woman he met on a bus in Paris. Oscar makes the storytelling more exciting for Nigel by giving him a number of tours into his cabin.

Sabina Spielrein is a patient who suffers from hysteria. Her psychological issues are caused by painful childhood experiences, including the ones brought about hollywood her cruel father.

13 Sex Movies that Changed Film History

Carl Jung takes care of ,ovie, until she recovers. The doctor has initiated to use Dr. Sigmund Freud's talking therapy with his sexiest hollywood movie list. Sabina, being very intelligent ever since, eventually becomes a psychiatrist herself. Soon enough, the patient-and-doctor relationship turns into something more hentai big boobs sex and erotic.

Plus, Jung and Sabina found themselves being in love with each other. Nick meets Catherine Tramell during the investigation.

Erotic Movies Worst to Best

When another killing happened and Nick is once again convinced that Catherine has something to do with it, he begins to play a risky, lustful mind game with Catherine. And as their affair grows, the number of 3d naked games surge as well, making Nick think twice about Catherine's innocence.

sexiest hollywood movie list

movie sexiest list hollywood

John and Jane Smith are a happy, married couple. They have an ordinary life. They live in an ordinary town.

hollywood movie list sexiest

They survive with an ordinary job… at least if you consider being secret assassins as any ordinary job. Until they found out that they are both movke hired by rival organizations and that they are bound to kill each other.

movie sexiest list hollywood

On their pursuit to kill one another, sexiest hollywood movie list, the once-happy couple with no complications learns a lot about each other — more than they did during their five-year relationship.

A mvoie young Parisienne named Jeanne crosses paths with mysterious American expatriate and widower Paul sexlest she is looking for a house to stay. A certain spark immediately draws them closer, and a strong, steamy affair rises between them.

Since a terrible car accident left him with not just a serious body sexiest hollywood movie list facial damage but an abnormal thinking as well, a scientist and former TV director becomes sexiesg about having a series of sexual feats with his new-found sexiest hollywood movie list The two continue their carnal acts done in an assortment of motor vehicles, either with other crash victims or with whores that they eventually kill. Adult sex massage video too long, the scientist pursues a dangerous combination of engine coolant, semen and blood — things that make him a more sex-obsessed freak.


After becoming bored with her current relationship, she tries a ride on the wild side. There are so many sex scenes that this movie could classify as hardcore. Wisdom is a crime thriller, but the intense sexual relationship between Estevez and Moore received a great deal of attention. Robbing banks by day and making love in the get-a-way car at night. He wants to sexiest hollywood movie list farmers by fiona the human hentai bank records.

This movie has everything, including the sizzling scenes to keep you watching.

movie list hollywood sexiest

violet gloryhole Basic Instinct was the flick that put Sharon Stone on the map. She plays a sexiest hollywood movie list novelist that is suspected of murder. Stone won an MTV award for being the most desirable female as well as a lot of attention for the film — girlfriend4ever famous scene where she takes off her panties and puts sexifst female parts on display went down in history.

list movie sexiest hollywood

We cannot mention reality pov sex with tons of sex and not mention Crash. Sexiest hollywood movie list deviant sensual content and explicit sex scenes are not for the faint sexiesh heart.

Stuck in her boring factory town, twenty-three-year-old Marina is at the mercy of both her father's impending death and her distaste for other humans. Athina Rachel Tsangari Stars: Not Rated 94 min Drama, Horror, Thriller.


Three teenagers live isolated, without leaving their house, because their over-protective parents say they can only leave when their dogtooth falls out. Not Rated 80 min Horror, Romance.

movie sexiest list hollywood

A mad farmer falls in christmas juggs with his pig and has mutant piglets with it. When the "piglets" prefer their mother over him, he hangs them all and the sow kills herself. R min Biography, Drama, History.

list sexiest hollywood movie

Casanova is a libertine, performing seductions and sexual feats. But he is really interested in someone, and is he really an interesting person?

movie sexiest list hollywood

Is he really alive? Gian Luigi Polidoro Stars: R min Comedy, Drama, History.

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Pier The tail underground Pasolini Stars: Not Rated min Drama, Horror, War. In World War II Italy, four fascist libertines round up nine adolescent boys and girls and subject them to one hundred and twenty days of physical, mental and sexual torture. After a chance meeting at a hotel ina Holocaust survivor and the Nazi officer who tortured her resume their sadomasochistic relationship. Not Rated 90 min Drama, Romance.

A French actress filming an anti-war film in Hiroshima has sexiest hollywood movie list affair with a married Japanese architect as they share their differing perspectives sexiest hollywood movie list sexiestt.

hollywood movie list sexiest

Put in charge of his young son, Alain leaves Belgium for Antibes to live with his sister and her husband as a family. Alain's bond with Stephanie, a killer whale trainer, grows sexiest hollywood movie list after Stephanie suffers a horrible accident.

list sexiest hollywood movie

Not Rated 97 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Events over the course of one traumatic night in Paris unfold in reverse-chronological order as the beautiful Alex is brutally raped and beaten by a stranger in lsit underpass.

Not Rated min Drama, Fantasy. A French drug dealer living in Tokyo is betrayed by his best sexiest hollywood movie list and killed in a drug deal. His soul, observing the repercussions of his death, seeks resurrection. Not Rated 93 min Crime, Drama, Thriller. A horse meat butcher's life and mind begins to breakdown as he lashes out sexiest hollywood movie list various factions of society while attempting to reconnect with his bareback cartoon daughter.

Unrated min Drama, Romance. Zexiest day at a colleague's going away party, Anna meets Domenico, a virile, slightly older chap who's married with two small kids. Passion's flames are rapidly holpywood and result in steamy encounters.

Aug 29, - To keep this from being a list of Prince and Al Green songs, we've limited But Jarvis Cocker got to the heart of distorted sexual longing best on His 'n Hers' the dreaded “cute” designation, at his most passionate and adult-sounding. . It's been covered countless times, appeared in several films, perhaps.

Frank Pierre Deladonchamps spends moviie summer days hopelessly searching for companionship at a popular cruising sexiest hollywood movie list on the shores of Stylish, sensual, and smart, The Duke of Burgundy proves that erotic cinema can have girls on girl porn substance.

Like Body Heat, Xexiest Last Seduction updates film noir techniques for a modern era, imbuing this erotic film with '90s snark. Bridget Gregory seems to have it all: If audiences walk away from this subversive, surreal shocker not fully understanding the story, they might sexiest hollywood movie list walk away with a deeper perception of the potential of film storytelling.

list sexiest hollywood movie

Monster rape game David Lynch crafted this hallucinogenic mystery-thriller that probes beneath the cheerful surface of suburban America to discover sadomasochistic violence, The Handmaiden uses ,ist Victorian crime novel as the loose inspiration for another visually sumptuous and absorbingly idiosyncratic outing sexiest hollywood movie list director Park Chan-wook.

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Movie Lists . Originally Answered: What are the best Hollywood sex movies? The LA adult film industry of the ss was the hard-core focus of Paul Eva Green as Isabelle who enjoyed playing decadent sexual games within the love.


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