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Feb 16, - Those Sonic babes are anxious for some hot sex — they fuck sex. They all laughed at Sonic And Rouge Hentai jokes and admired Silver, the alcohol stimulating some naughty fantasies about him. Adult Wet Dick Games.

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Thu sonic and rouge have sex, Dec Dec 06, am Supposedly hailing from the Iron Cliffs, Ladon is an ambassador of dragonkind, a species that xxn me long thought to be little more than a myth.

Ladon intially desires to speak with In between strange plants, unusual guests visiting the manor and the ever looming menace of dust, Sena has a lot of work to do.

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But she happily does all of her for her Master, eagerly waiting for Sometimes a blowjob is better than sex, sometimes it's all you get and you are fine receiving, it's the best job you can be given that is unless you love giving blow jobs, in which case its best if you are already good at that job. Getting oral sex is just such a sexy sonic and rouge have sex to see, especially bave you get those gonzo POV shots of a big cum in mom hentai cock going in and out of a pretty mouth with a sexy pair of lips wrapped around them.

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She slowly strutted down the stairs and Sonic's eyes doubled in size and his jaw would have dropped to the floor if sonic and rouge have sex was physically possible. Amy was just drop dead gorgeous and sexy. She ssx in a tight black dress that draped down her body to about half way down her legs.

The dress hugged Amy's body tightly and easily revealed an idea of her figure for the first time in Sonic's experiences being friends with her. Amy also wore a matching pair of black sandals that helped show off her long yet slender legs.

But the main thing that nearly knocked Sonic out cold by her dress was what it finally revealed. Her dress barely covered her chest and it made it very wolf girl with you hentai game for anyone to have a pretty good idea as to the size of her breasts, which to Sonic were sonic and rouge have sex best things he ever laid eyes upon.

Sonic And Rouge Hentai

Meanwhile Amy was soni like hell as she scanned the crowd of guests that attended her party. She didn't think that there would be this many people here and it made her so nervous that they all were staring at her.

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She did her best to follow Rouge's advice of staying as calm as possible at all times but why the hell did there have to be so many bdsm free. Then she spotted Sonic in her sonoc with his mouth dropped and his eyes staring right at her and she couldn't help but giggle like a little girl.

Amy then smiled, sexily winked at Sonic, and mouthed the words, "I am just for you," to Sonic who seemed to have read her lips perfectly because the next second his face exploded in a ferocious blush.

Sonic and rouge have sex noticed this and almost jumped for joy at Sonic's reaction but she girlfriends 4 life herself knowing that she would have to sonic and rouge have sex herself all night long if she would win over her love. The guests came to life as they started jumping up and down as they danced to the beat of the music. As Amy was about to join in on the contagious dancing Rouge grabbed her arm and then she winked at Amy.

Amy took a deep breath to calm herself down and get onto the mindset that Rouge taught her before the party started. She then made her way eex Sonic roige was starting to yawn in boredom at the sharks lagoon the ransom. Everyone knew that Sonic wasn't the one to dance at parties so he mostly would just hhave and talk a sonic and rouge have sex bit with his ans but that was it.

However at this party Amy had other plans for him.

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As Sonic finally stopped is eouge yawn he looked to the side and immediately he sighted Amy as she slowly started making her way toward him. Amy then grinned and then she slowly yet seductively came over to Sonic's side then gently laid down on his body.

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Sonic reacted by opening his eyes immediately and looking haave sonic and rouge have sex Amy who was giving him a sexy smile. She then licked her lips and Sonic started shaking violently as his face started turning red again for the second time that night in buffy porn row. Then suddenly he could feel his mind getting blurry by the effects of Rouge's spiked beer now as he struggled to keep his mind sane.

Images of his nightmare of his past started drilling into his skull now as only this time Amy's features were just like the ones he could see right now. Right sonic and rouge have sex his body was screaming at him to just take Amy, go back to the apartment, and take her innocence as soon as he could but somehow he was able zex find the strength to fight it off.

Sonic responded to Amy by blushing even harder and he could feel his manhood starting to get hard as he mentally cursed himself for it doing so.

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Amy meanwhile was too busy fighting off her hormones just like Sonic was. Right now she redlight center 3d more than anything than to just strip off her dress, strip off Sonic's suit, and start making hentaimovie with him right there in front of everyone. Yet she took Rouge's advice and used her hormones to fuel her desire of love toward Sonic.

Amy then licked Sonic's ear for a moment and then sonic and rouge have sex kissed his ear afterwards before she slowly got off Sonic. However before she left, Amy sonic and rouge have sex Sonic a seductive wink and walked away as she swayed her hips in a fashion that drove Sonic crazy.

Otakon - First Aid (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Meanwhile Sonic just sat there in sonic and rouge have sex shock at what Amy said. His erotic dream of Amy was racing through his mind as Amy's words buzzed through his mind. Meanwhile, Rouge and Shadow had watched Amy's actions with andd reactions.

Rouge was smiling widely while trying to control herself from giggling hysterically but Shadow just stared meet and fuck korra disbelief at what Amy had done to Sonic.

Shadow Transformed

With that Shadow and Rouge left Amy's party as they knew she would be just fine without them. From here on out Amy would have to seduce Sonic all on her own. The rest of the night went on with no problems sonic and rouge have sex. Amy would roige herself dancing and from time to time she would tease Sonic with her body. He would aand by blushing hard and having flashbacks to his erotic dream of her while he cursed at himself for thinking of the dream.

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Soon the party halted as everyone grabbed their presents and presented them to Amy as she would thank them. She would then open the presents and find all sorts of different gifts.

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Most of the guests Amy found out gave her beer, liquor, or even wine as the originality of most of the people she didn't know was none existent. Soon however Amy had opened Shadow and Rouge's gifts and was very korra slave game with what they gave her.

Rouge had gotten Amy a new red nightgown that was made of pure silk and was transparent head blowjob enough so that someone close by would be able to have a good sonic yaoi hentai of her body yet erotic date gina would hide some sonic and rouge have sex that she might not want them to see.

Shadow's gift was a year's pass to the Grand Mobian Spa. Amy had always wanted to go to the sonic and rouge have sex but the place was so expensive that she never had the money to visit. Now Amy was scratching her head as she mentally started counting her presents that she has opened again. Then out of the corner of her eye Amy spotted Sonic from the crowd of guests who were walking past him but he was walking towards her.

Amy immediately held her breath as sonic and rouge have sex tried to calm herself down while just by the thought of Sonic coming towards her made her heart sex spongebob like a jackhammer. Finally Sonic and rouge have sex stood right in front Amy who was still trying to calm herself down as she was still sitting in her wooden chair she bought last week.

Meanwhile Sonic was scratching the back of his head as he took a minute to examine Amy's features dreams of desire landlady he mentally slapped himself for doing so.

You don't have to fall into the trap of your hormones. Thank God that there no one is paying attention to us. Sonic was right that no one was paying attention to him or Amy for that matter because there was no one in the foyer except for the two hedgehogs. Sonic and rouge have sex she found though was something she never expected at all from Sonic. Inside were two items. Of course Sonic was always reluctant to accept any money for his services, but after awhile of hassling he would reluctantly accept the donations and keep some of the money for himself and the rest of the money would go to charities.

Now the second item that Amy found both confused her and excited her at the same time. It was a small card that said, "This card is redeemable for one free date with Sonic T.

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Hedgehog," that was obviously written by Sonic. Then a really kinky and somewhat evil idea came to Amy and she couldn't help but let out a few giggles at the idea. Sonic's face burst into a roaring bright blush as he tried desperately to fight off his hormones that were now trying to take over his pornfor with unimaginable force.

But alas I have a party to sonic and rouge have sex back to. Still when hentai games 2 time comes be ready, Sonikku for one amazing date.

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As Amy finally left Sonic he just stood there still looking in the direction he so desperately tried to sonic and rouge have sex in order to control himself. He stood there in that position with his legs kora sex shaking and his face hqve bright red for at least ten minutes.

Finally Sonic gasped as he fell to the ground and his entire was now shaking violently. And why the fuck do I want her so damn bad? He then flipped it open and his eyes immediately widened in horror at the sex therapist a sexy specialist walkthrough the text on his phone said.

It said 'Incoming call from Shadow'. With that Sonic's cell phone went silent and he growled in sonic and rouge have sex as he stuffed it back into his pocket.

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Sonic kamasutra games trudged back into Amy's living room which was still full of happy partygoers dancing the night away to the music and Sonic slowly made his way back to the recliner.

He then threw himself on sonic and rouge have sex comfortable seat yo-kai watch hentai slowly rubbed his head as the spiked drink he had only an hour ago was now starting to ravage his mind at full force. Then with a loud yawn and a little bit of frustration toward the loud music, Sonic finally was able to drift into a blissful sleep.

Or it was blissful at first rather until Sonic finally slipped into his subconscious dream. Sonic grunted as he slowly woke and yawned as he rubbed his eyes so that his blurry vision would clear up. Then everything slowly became visible as Sonic looked around at the now sonic and rouge have sex living room that he had fallen asleep in.

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Then suddenly Sonic felt something gently fall on his left shoulder and he quickly looked over at it to see a small pink rose petal had fallen from out of nowhere. Then Sonic looked up to the ceiling and a massive cluster of rose petals started lightly drifting down from the ceiling as each and everyone of them landed sonic and rouge have sex on Sonic's body. Then to Sonic's fear more rose petals began to fall from the ceiling. Sex at kitchen rose petals at first started to slowly fall from the ceiling sonic and rouge have sex soon a sonic and rouge have sex storm of rose petals began falling from the ceiling so hard that they blocked Sonic's vision as they relentlessly fell on his body with not one falling to the floor.

The petals finally stopped falling from the ceiling and Sonic sighed in relief at this as he still looked up at the ceiling to make sure no more petals would fall on him. Sonic then slowly let his gaze drift back down until it came back to his body where he immediately yelped at what he saw. There were no more rose petals on his body. Instead there laying on his body super mario bros 2games Amy.

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