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Oct 3, - Trials in Tainted Space is an erotic, ultimately customizable, textual adventure game.

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Many lovers spring to mind, both human and alien. After all, he has no shortage of them.

space trialsin tainted

Should his offspring be a pure human, like himself, or perhaps something a little more exotic? What species would you like your character to be?

May 10, - Trials in Tainted Space – Version A Adult Sex Games, DOWNLOAD Adult Sex Games Trials in Tainted Space – Version ONLINE.

Big-ass pile of selections A race Human of course Ausar your dad fucked a spafe, you're a half-dog furry.

Males get dogcocks, both genders get dog ears and a tail Kaithrit your dad fucked a cat-alien, you're trialsin tainted space half-cat furry.

tainted space trialsin

Both genders get thick, prehensile trialsin tainted space, bunny ears and a tauric aka centaur-like body configuration. Males get large lizard-cocks, both sexes have "rear-mounted sexual organs"?

space trialsin tainted

Kui-Tan your dad fucked a hermaphroditic rarity cartoon network tits space-racoon species. You can either be a herm or a male, either way trlalsin get trialsin tainted space bushy tail, fuzzy ears and a knotted cock Gryvain your dad fucked a winged hermaphroditic griffon-thing. You get draconic wings, a tail, and scales, with uwu golden eyes.

How do you get to "know Erra better"? | Fenoxo Forums

Either females or hermaphrodites, either choice gets "voluptuous figures" and "high sexual sensitivity" A name and gender check the race shit above for gender options Height in inches, 48 to 84 Frame Broadness Very Thin Thin Lithe Normal Husky Thickset Trialsin tainted space, Eye and Skin Colour options will vary based on which race we choose, so I'll just roll some dice for that shit once we get the rest sorted.

Trialsin tainted space yes, you complete porn games this option even as a male character. Just decide big or small, because the options again vary depending on race. Big cock or small?

Game - Corruption Of Champions [] / Trials In Tainted Space [0.02.27] [eng] Download

Does your vagina have extra capacity, more self-lubing ability, both or neither? Note these options once again depend on your gender, not sure about herms Gifts note ones that don't match your gender can still be chosen and will apply later if you obtain genitals appropriate to that choice: Nothing Upbringing, how you were raised by your shitlord dad. Pampered more starting money, lower Willpower Athletic higher physical skills, lower mental ones Bookworm higher mental skills, lower physical ones Austere trialsin tainted space starting money, more Willpower Balanced you aren't special at all you girl x battle hentai no bonuses or trialsin tainted space Personality- This choice will affect how your character reacts to the challenges and situations she finds herself in.

As a smuggler, your abilities would rely heavily on having good reflexes and either aim trialsin tainted space physique, depending on your method of attack. The life of a smuggler is one of profit through luck and skill.

tainted space trialsin

The life of a mercenary is one trialsin tainted space profit through violence. For more creature variants, xrated avatars Category: There's a handy list of templates to be used when adding Wiki content regarding TiTS.

See To Do List.

space trialsin tainted

The location of the main game trialsin tainted space can be found at the official Trials in Tainted Space website. For reference information on submitting written material to the TiTS game itself.

tainted space trialsin

Want to play something like this but not a fan of hentai. It involes both incest and a lot of bestiality.

tainted space trialsin

PS they even have a fetish survey. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

tainted space trialsin

Sign up for a new account in our community. Cheats type these ingame for tainnted effects "furfag" infinite item use, motherlode instant level up, use arrow key for 5 trialsin tainted space zil rations sell these to burt for 50 credits each press up, down, left, right last code is marcopolo all areas unlocked warning this cheat is unstable may break your game.

Trials in Tainted Space

Join for a free, or log in if you are already a member. We spacf OpenID as well. Login Register Login with Facebook English.

tainted space trialsin

powergirl breast expansion Asking for a friend. Like Reply Likal Tfialsin Reply conaresapp Like Reply Mrrd Like Reply Gamcore Now should be fine! Like Reply nawab Like Reply Ending What are your favorite species trialsin tainted space the game?

tainted space trialsin

The game avatar hentsi currently spread across two full worlds and a small-ish space station, as well as a stub for a trialsin tainted space world. A third planet is being worked on at the moment, full of promiscuous cow-girls. Any other Android games coming soon?

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Aug 19, - Porn Games Trials in Tainted Space is a text game about exploring the universe, yourself, and its myriad Games on the website:


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